To request for an order cancellation please email us the order # with product name, original proof of purchase receipt and issue at [email protected] and our customer care agent will get in contact with you. Alternatively you can call us on +92 301 0307499 from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Pakistan Standard Time). Further, to proceed with the case, your purchase should be sent back to us within 14 days of receiving your order.

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Same Day Delivery : In case your order is “same day delivery” then order can be cancelled within 30 minutes of order confirmation. After 30 minutes a cancellation request can be generated from the customer’s end, but the approval of the cancellation request depends upon KAASF’s policy regarding brand/vendor/seller/distributor, shipment company delivery timelines and the nature of the item shipped.

Unpaid COD Order : If it’s an unpaid COD order and the customer asks for the cancellation of the order, the order will be cancelled without any questions asked before the order has been shipped out of the KAASF warehouse.

Paid orders : can be cancelled for any reason, if reported within 48 hours of the order confirmation.

Paid Ready to ship : If cancellation is requested within 48 hours of order confirmation then the complete amount will be refunded without any question.

Paid Made to order : If cancellation is requested for paid made-to-order after 48 hours of order confirmation, KAASF holds the right to charge 25% of the order value as cost of labor, production and resources payable to partner brands. If you wish to file for cancellation of your order, once the order has completed the production phase or is in the final phases of production and/or is received in our warehouse, KAASF will deduct 50% of your paid amount as cost of production, labor, and resources.

Order Delay by Brand : In the event of delay in delivery from the designers end and the customer has been pre-informed of the delay by the KAASF team either through sms, email or KAASF’s /designer’s social media channels then the customer has the option to inform and get their order cancelled within 24-48 hours time frame.


KAASF holds the right to charge cancellation fees if cancellations are reported after 48 hours.